Benjamin Randolph, MS, CADC III

Born and raised in Portland Oregon, Ben has been an addiction counselor since 2000 with training in Structural Family Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Client Centered Therapy. His experience includes working in adult mental health treatment facilities, Outpatient DUII treatment, in-patient treatment programs, juvenile corrections treatment, and medication-assisted treatment. A recovering addict himself, Ben has extensive experience with the 12-step program and has an ability to reach even the most resistant client and assist them in the treatment process. Ben’s life and professional experience have given him a sense of empathy and understanding for those suffering from addiction that is unique and effective. Ben has a passion for the recovery process. He will seek through compassion and respect to guide those suffering from addiction to a life of recovery. He continues to work to raise awareness of the disease of addiction by working in grass-roots efforts to combat addictive behavior, and by having integrity to bring group and individual counseling to those who need interventions. Ben’s philosophy is that when the patient enters treatment is the beginning, and will support the family throughout the treatment process if they desire. Ben is married with five boys. Ben knows the work it takes to maintain a healthy marriage, parenting boys who have their own ideas about life, and blend a family. Ben’s wife, Jennifer, often works with him and is often doing a lot of the marketing required by some agencies who contract with Compassionate Interventions, and also marketing for the practice itself. Because Ben will not travel with an adult female alone, Jennifer accompanies him on female interventions. Together, they have had a wonderful and successful practice intervening on clients in addition to the success Ben has had intervening by himself. A veteran of the Navy during the Gulf War where he deployed twice, Ben is passionate about Veteran’s issues and can work with the addiction and PTSD that Vets often struggle with. Trained in Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT), Ben can often work with Veterans to help them manage their symptoms and live a more productive and fulfilling life.

Jennifer Randolph, CAI-II, CIP, CTP, BRI-II, CADC I

Born in Oregon City, Oregon, Jennifer Randolph was introduced to meth after graduating high school and attending junior college. She later realized she was addicted right away. After having a child in her addiction, and plenty of problems, she went to treatment and now has over 14 years clean and sober. Jennifer is a Certified Arise Interventionist and trained by Judith Landau, the creator of the ARISE model. Jennifer has also obtained the most recently instituted national certification for interventionists, “Certified Intervention Professional.” Being on the of the first recipients of the new national certification, shows the drive and tenacity that Jennifer brings with her to the field of addiction treatment.