I want to reflect on addiction and the effects to the social system of the addicted individual. Many people use alcohol and/or drugs and claim to not have a problem “because they only do it on the weekend.” Any time a person shows a pattern of a certain behavior it is an indicator of habituation. After speaking to a client the other night, I felt it necessary to review when their might be an addiction to a substance or a behavior by discussing alcohol.

Alcohol is the most insidious of all the substances, because it is socially acceptable, it is often after several terrible things occur that a family will contact me to conduct an Intervention. Often an alcoholic can be changed after calling in late to work on Monday several times or after being verbally abusive to the children. It doesn’t have to be a DUII or some medical malady that is the impetus to confronting the individual.

The good news is that my goal with Compassionate Interventions is to be available either the same day or the next day to meet with people who are concerned about a family member or friend. I have been showing this availability is also true if I have to go to a client in another state. It doesn’t matter where in the country the Intervention needs to happen, it is my goal to be there to provide it as soon as possible.

Dependence to a substance can occur much earlier than you may think. If you want to discuss this topic further, please contact Ben at 503-901-1836 or Benjamin@compassionateinterventions.com.