It was brought to my attention last night that Tennessee is proposing a new law that will make drug use during pregnancy an offense for the mother if she doesn’t seek treatment. After reading the law, learning more about Tennessee’s governor, and reading some of the feedback about the law, I think it is generally a good thing, if it indeed, provides incentive for pregnant moms to enter treatment.

I think we as a society sell ourselves short when we politicize issues like substance abuse. We as a society look at drug use using our frontal lobe, or the executive functioning of the brain, yet the addict has short-circuited their frontal lobe and is primarily operating out of their limbic system of their brain (the “primitive” part). We feel it is important to present information about addiction to families in a way they understand and also present information to the addict in a way they understand. As I often say, walking the addict through the door of the treatment center is not the hard part – helping create a system that allows the addict to stay clean and sober long term is where the real challenge lies.

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