Drug Addiction Intervention

If you are unsure if your loved one is dependent, please call Compassionate Interventions at 844-243-8358 for a free consultation and see if Intervention may be appropriate. The worst thing you can do is give merit to any hopelessness you may feel.

Alcohol Addiction Intervention

Compassionate Interventions excels at intervening on those with an alcohol problem. With the prolific use of alcohol in most societies around the world due to its legal status, it is often hard to identify if someone really “has a problem.”

Gambling Addiction Intervention

Gambling addiction is sometimes referred to as a “hidden illness” because there are no obvious physical signs or symptoms like there are in drug or alcohol addiction. Problem gamblers typically deny or minimize the problem.

Do You Need Intervention Help?

Benjamin Randolph, MS, CADC III, CIP, CTT, BRI II

The goal of Compassionate Interventions is to assist friends and family of those struggling with addiction to seek and engage in treatment by using a strength-based intervention process. Addiction can include, but is not limited to, drugs and alcohol, gambling, sex addiction, pornography, internet, and shopping. CALL US TODAY AT 844-243-8358.

Jennifer Randolph, CAI-II, CIP, CTP, BRI II, CADC II

Jennifer is a Certified Arise Interventionist and trained by Judith Landau, the creator of the ARISE model. Jennifer has also obtained the most recently instituted national certification for interventionists, “Certified Intervention Professional.” Being one the of the first recipients of the new national certification shows the drive and tenacity that Jennifer brings with her to the field of addiction treatment.