Thank you so much for your time, coaching, support, and expertise. We owe you a debt money can never repay. My brother actually called me the other night! It was 10:30 at night, which is not my usual conversational time, but I was so thrilled I didn’t say a word! I think this is the first call he’s made to me for at least 5 years, maybe more! And he sounded like the brother I remember, not the altered guy trying to be my brother.

His attitude was positive (said he was going to regard the stay as a vacation!), and he told me about meeting musicians, a walk around the neighborhood, an upcoming shopping trip (he NEVER goes to stores, but he said why not get out and about!) … it was so stressful but so rewarding. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart, and may God bless you and your family as you reach out to others 
in need!


Seattle, Washington

I’m finding it difficult to express my gratitude because it is so huge. Thank you for our meeting. In all aspects it went so well. Your leadership, experience, knowledge, and people skills are wonderful.


Portland, Oregon

After using Ben Randolph to conduct a successful intervention on behalf of my son, I found out about some of the work he’d been doing on behalf of returning veterans and their associated problems with respect to the transition from military to civilian life. I am a lead negotiator and trainer for the Gresham Police Department Crisis Negotiation Team, and I asked Ben if he would make a presentation on the topic to our team.

Ben conducted a round-table training session for us, and we found it to be well researched, well presented, and informative. His experience in the field, his ideas, and the information he provided was both timely and useful to us in our role as crisis negotiators. Though we hope we will never have to use it, we are confident it will be of great value to us if we do. Ben knows what he’s doing, and was willing to do whatever it took to accommodate us. The fact that he really cares and is interested only in helping others was more than evident. Thanks, Ben!

Barry W. Ozeroff

Gresham Oregon Police Crisis Negotiation Team

I found Ben completely by accident and I’m so thankful I did. I discovered that my husband was involved in drug use and decided to confront him with the choice of going into a treatment facility or I would file a restraining order to keep him away from our home and family.

It was a Saturday morning and I looked online and began calling treatment centers in the Portland area and was so discouraged to find none of the centers were set up to admit someone on the weekend. My husband was coming back to town that afternoon and I knew I had to have something lined up or everything, including myself, would fall apart.

I talked to a man from one of the facilities who gave me Ben’s phone number thinking he might know of a center that would take my husband on the weekend. I called and left a message for Ben asking if he knew of anywhere. He called me back shortly and we went over my story and what I was looking for.

Ben told me about a facility in Astoria that he could set up treatment and he would meet me to lead an intervention and then take my husband to the treatment center if that was his choice. I was so relieved. The stress of discovering my husband’s drug problem seemed more than I could bear; then I was supposed to find the strength to confront, coordinate, and transport my husband to treatment knowing how very angry and defensive he would be.

Ben met with me to discuss the intervention and then waited for my husband. My husband agreed to go with Ben to the treatment center and is working the program so he can overcome his addiction and stop hurting those he loves.

The night before these events occurred I was so anxious and worried about how everything would come together. I didn’t know about Ben and the service he provides and I had no idea what my husband would do when confronted. I was afraid.

I remembered the story of Jesus praying on the Mount of Olives the night before his arrest and asking God to give him the strength to do what he knew he must do. I read the words, “Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done. An angel from heaven appeared and strengthened Him.” (Luke 22:41-43) For me, that angel was Ben Randolph. I would never have been able to do what needed to happen if he hadn’t come into my life when he did. His care and skill made all the difference for me and for my husband.


Washington State

I do not think I could have survived the first year without Ben’s guidance and support.

I know I would not have known what to say or do what not to say, what to do, what not to do once my son arrived at our home and I saw him ashen, “my son”, but not “my son”, looking more dead than alive, suffering from addiction that I had known nothing about. When I called one of my dearest friends, I was referred to Ben Randolph. My friend’s family member had suffered from alcoholism and they were all helped by Ben through an “intervention”. I slowly learned what that meant, by talking to Ben. I knew nothing of this disease or alcoholism and drug addiction. I used to believe that addiction was about a person’s character. I used to think addictions happened to other people, to other people’s children. I did not know what to do. My phone calls to Ben from New York, (where I live,) to Portland, made it possible for me to carry on without creating a bigger problem for my son. At first, it wasn’t clear whether our son needed an intervention to be set up in a meeting form. He offered to fly to NY if that was necessary. But after Ben talked with him, he felt certain that was not needed in his case. He helped me to get through the week. To know how to provide the support my son needed. My son made his own decision to go into rehab and Ben helped with the details. He spoke with my son each day on the phone. Once arrangements were made, he told me to put my son a plane, with no money and not to ask him any details about his addiction at this time. He met my son in the airport and helped him get a safe night sleep at our friend’s and then drove him to the rehab center my son had chosen in Washington State. From there, our son called us after the detox period was over and asked us to come for a parents’ weekend. Throughout this whole time, Ben took my calls and gently educated me and helped me cope as a mother loving my son. I was going through something I had no experience with. I was afraid to have my son in a place where “drug addicts” were going to be. That is how little I understood the road my son had been on and the level of his need. But I knew to trust Ben and he said “He has made a decision for himself. He is ready and this is exactly where your son needs to be.” It was the best thing. I was encouraged into Al-anon family group as a way to support my son’s recovery. Even my son asked us to go to Al-anon meetings and there we learned more about how it is a family disease and how “changed attitudes can change recovery”.

For me as a mother, it all started with Ben, for our son. I believe his connection with Ben helped him fully acknowledge the need for an inpatient program and provided him with positive support to follow through on his commitment to enter a rehab center. My son hung up the phone after his first phone appointment with Ben and said, “Mom, that was the hardest phone call I’ve ever had. I was thinking maybe I didn’t need to go into a facility, but I do. I’ve made the decision to go to an inpatient rehab. I’m going to go to the one I looked into before I came here. It’s in Washington. I’m gonna talk to Ben about the details tomorrow. Don’t ask me anything, okay? I need to go back to sleep now.”

In Al-anon, I have gained a deep respect and compassion for the individuals who face addictions and for their family members. I’ve also learned the importance of anonymity, so I am not signing my name to this, but if you wish to speak to me about my recommendation of Ben Randolph, he can get you in touch with me and I will gladly share our experience with you. But hopefully, it is all said here. I thank God for Ben and his work and recommend his compassionate intervention to anyone who is faced with a loved ones, or their own addictions. Talk to him. He knows addiction and what can help. Each person is unique and yet I feel confident, no matter what your situation, he could help you find your own way through it.


New York

We hired Ben to help two family members get treatment for their long-term alcohol and drug problems. Before meeting with Ben, we felt isolated and powerless with the problems that faced our family. Ben helped us recognize that we, in fact, were not alone and that many families before us have gone through this same process. He was honest, real, and committed to helping our family. After weeks of family meetings and multiple phone conversations, we were ready for the intervention. We were scared as hell but confident and prepared.

While the intervention did not create the results we hoped and initially it caused more family drama, in my opinion, the intervention was successful. Ben instilled a sense of power and control back into our family. We learned that it isn’t our responsibility to control the addiction. We now have established boundaries and clear roles within our family.


Portland, Oregon

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