Intergenerational trauma - Compassionate InterventionsIntergenerational trauma (IGT) is a very profound and impacting issue when working with families. The traditional Johnson model of intervention may not allow the interventionist enough time to build rapport with the family in order to start treating them if there is IGT.

Intergenerational Trauma: ARISE Model

Although I fought the invitational models for many years, when I saw Dr. Judith Landau speak about the ARISE model of intervention, I knew that Jen and I would attend her training. The ARISE model looks back from 3-5 generations and really begins to look at healing the entire family system, in addition to the addicted loved one.

Costs For High Level Care

When I figure that therapy tends to run $125 a session, if you have five family members, and they all do weekly therapy for six months, the grand total is $16,250. Add a traditional intervention for another $3500 and you are looking at almost $20,000. Take the ARISE method where you have a three stage intervention (if the family needs all three stages) and the family begins to heal regardless of what the addict does, because the ARISE interventionist works with the family for six months. This process costs far less than half of the number quoted above. In addition to being a certified ARISE interventionist, I am also a Master’s level counselor. If you have an addict you want to treat, and a family who needs help, please contact us at Compassionate Interventions today. 503-901-1836.