Online Recovery Support RadioI did an interview about a year ago with Online Recovery Support. Please access their website and use their search box to access Episode 5. Furthermore, pass this on to your friends. I want people who are struggling with addiction and the people affected by those addicted to know there is help out there. Because of my own addictive history, it’s more than the business to get people away from addictive behaviors. For example, it is a lifestyle for me and many like me.

As I say in the interview, “it is more important to give someone a shot at recovery, then get rich with my practice.” Take the time to listen to some of the podcasts on Online Recovery Support. They really do a good job. “Faces of Meth” did an excellent job of identifying a problem, now let’s work together to achieve a solution not only for methamphetamines, but also for ANY addictive behaviors. See the instructions below and email me with any questions.

Sincerely, Ben Randolph

Online Recovery Support Radio – Episode 5

A discussion about intervention with special guest Benjamin Randolph, MS, CADC III of Compassionate Interventions –

Online Recovery Support Radio airs every Saturday evening at 7:00pm Pacific Time. Listeners are encouraged to chat live with the show hosts. Moreover, use the chat window in the pop up audio player screen.