As we enter 2018, I want to send this letter to our friends, colleagues, and community partners. It is my belief that the addiction treatment field will be revolutionized this year by those of us who do the “right thing for the right reason.” A lot of unethical behavior has been addressed already, and a majority of what’s left will be annihilated this year. We can work together by making sure the people and programs who continue to conduct themselves in an unethical manner are ostracized. It doesn’t matter if you are in the addiction treatment field or not. We each have a voice and can vote with where we put our energies and money.

Our Clinical Director, Calvin Myers has really worked hard to take our documentation to a higher level than ever before. Documentation is so important because if we can accurately capture the good work we are doing, the insurance companies will support us treating your loved ones longer. We believe that a strong, solid program that is longer in length, will be the catalyst that lowers relapse rates. Along with our implementation of KIPU this past year, we continue to strive to make our clinical practices the best they can possibly be.

Many of you know that Jen and I have been conducting interventions since 2005. As a Master’s level clinician and a man in recovery, I believe that I can really address addiction from “both sides of the coin” so-to-speak. Jen’s experience, and the fact that we are really opposites, really enhance the intervention process for those really tough cases that we need to work together. As Certified Intervention Professionals, Jen, Curtis Devoursney (our newest addition), and I look to engaging clients through the Stages of Change, so that they are ready to work when they enter treatment. It is imperative that we teach families models like Stages of Change, so they can be part of the healing process. If you need any more information about Compassionate Interventions, please call Ben Randolph at 503-901-1836.

Almost six years ago we started the first transitional program in the State of Oregon. Now called, “Oregon Trail Recovery,” we are a 90 day follow up treatment to help clients take what they learned in residential treatment and apply it to everyday life. We really try to incorporate work into the four areas; mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual to help our clients enter long-term recovery. With gender-specific Men’s and Women’s programs, we do an excellent job of allowing the client to focus on themselves and their own process, and not others. If you would like any more information on Oregon Trail Recovery LLC, please call our admission number at 855-770-0577.

Our most recent venture was to create a detox facility, a small eight-bed detox that operates out of a house. Our client satisfaction is probably the highest I’ve seen in my career, and like many of you who work in the field, I’ve made a career out of providing the highest quality treatment at the same time as creating an environment that achieves the highest patient satisfaction possible. With 24-hour nursing, our detox is staffed by some of the most professional nurses I’ve ever worked with. If you want more information or to tour our detox, please call 844-692-7528.

As we progress through 2018, it is our goal to connect with as many people as possible who share our vision and work together to get as many addicted individuals as possible into long-term recovery. Please call Ben 503-901-1836 or Jen 503-407-4108 to continue the conversation.

– Benjamin Randolph