relapse prevention at Compassionate InterventionsWorking on some relapse prevention last night for a presentation and I realized how the words “Relapse Prevention” can really be minimized when we use them consistently over the years in the treatment field.

Relapse Prevention and Recovery

Conducting interventions, I find that getting someone through the front door of the treatment center is relatively easy, but can I, as a professional, give them enough hope, and the family enough education, to allow them to seek long-term recovery. Walking out of the treatment center is often one step towards relapse. I try to help create a system of boundaries that keeps the addict/alcoholic/process addict from thinking about leaving treatment. I work to build a relationship with the addict that they know they can trust me, and therefore trust the agency providing their treatment that I have selected.

These are points I hear very few other interventionists talk about, yet we say that recovery is a life-long process, so the intervention should also be geared with the future in mind. I am so grateful for the people who stay in contact with me and share the good and bad in their lives. Working with addicts is exciting, because I can see potential, and can often get the individual into the solution.

If you have a question about anything regarding therapy or addiction, please call Ben Randolph at 503-901-1836. I may not have the answer, but I will try to find it, and a phone call is free.

Ben has a passion for the recovery process. He will seek through compassion and respect to guide those suffering from addiction to a life of recovery. He continues to work to raise awareness of the disease of addiction. Specifically, he works in grass-roots efforts to combat addictive behavior. He also has the integrity to bring group and individual counseling to those who need interventions. Ben’s believes treatment is the beginning of the process. For more information, visit our addiction treatment resources page. Learn more about Compassionate Interventions and Ben today.