The reality of sobriety is “a reality of freedom and happiness, of purpose and direction, and of serenity and peace with God, ourselves and others.”
February 26th
Daily Reflections: A Book of Reflections by A.A. Members for A.A. Members
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woman realizes the reality of sobriety | Compassionate InterventionsThe perception of reality for many alcoholics and addicts is that they need to drink or use to feel ‘OK’. Thinking about staying sober for any period of time, even a few hours, is often incomprehensible. That is because the brain of someone with a substance use disorder is a brain hijacked to require drugs and alcohol for basic survival. Therefore, someone in the midst of the disease literally thinks they need drugs or alcohol to get through another day. No matter whether a person admits to having a problem or not, there is no denying that their brain chemistry is altered due to drugs and alcohol.

Perception of Sobriety

Those who have experienced sobriety for any considerable length of time would most likely tell you that their perception of the reality of sobriety is very different than what they envisioned during their drinking or using career. The collective experience in the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous has shown that sobriety is not limiting, but freeing; not depressing, but happy. Those who have given their will and life to their Higher Power have found they aren’t wandering around aimlessly. Instead, they have purpose and direction.

Whether someone is in recovery or not, it’s a basic human desire to have a life of peace. What continues to amaze me is that Alcoholics Anonymous is a program that is free of charge. The benefits of the program are completely life transformational and available to anyone who honestly works the program. My experience has shown through surrender to a Higher Power, I have found serenity with God, which has allowed me to have serenity with myself, which in turn allows me to have serenity in my relationships with others.

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– Christopher Hipp