We are not a sociological entity, although sociologists find us fascinating. We are not a therapy group, although remarkable healing takes place among us. And we are not a religion, even though some people want to see us as such … We are a spiritual entity.”

May 2006
“Tradition Five: What a Group ‘Ought’ to Be,”
AA Grapevine

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group therapy - sociological entity - Compassionate InterventionsThis quote grabbed my attention this morning, because as an interventionist and as a therapist, I believe Clean Adventures Oregon and Compassionate Interventions has a framework we work within (much like the dogma of many religions), but we approach each situation individually, because we are working with humans.

I remember one of the clients in the Adventure House asked me, “How come you did that for this guy, but not for the other?” I said, “I am not bound to do it for either guy by the rules of the program, but I felt the guy I helped out will help his recovery.

Not A Sociological Entity: What Sets Us Apart

If you were worrying about your own program instead of policing others, you would be probably be moving to the senior house.” To the person not familiar with treatment and recovery, my response may be harsh, but we always look at others to justify our behavior. It’s very important for the practitioner to keep the clients focused on themselves and the Higher Power of their own understanding. To learn more, visit our addiction treatment resources page. You can also reach out and learn more about Compassionate Interventions.

The only dogma we have is self-accountability in recovery.