people promoting positive energy - Compassionate InterventionsSpecifically, we need more positive energy to enjoy sobriety and recovery.

For example, a life-long friend went to the hot rod show and posted pictures. After I scrolled through them, I realized I still had a grin plastered to my face. This is one of the reasons why I love FB.

Another friend of mine celebrated a sobriety birthday yesterday. I know quite a lot of his story, and his parents. He is an amazing man who makes a difference every day.

Two other friends of mine are amazing men who are sharing their updates today and make me smile just thinking of each of them. May I have the integrity in my life that those two men have in theirs.

Positive Energy: Further Examples

There is also a couple who are at a conference in Arizona. They were such an integral part of my willingness to change this past year, that seeing their posts always causes me to take a quick inventory (10th step) and make sure I am staying true to the personal work I am in the middle of.

My point with this post is that I have a lot of friends on FB. I can scroll down the list and even though I may only talk to each of the friends (including the men mentioned above) once a year, they are all very important to me for various reasons. I suggest if you scroll down your list of friends, and they don’t make you feel like being more than you already are, or improving, then it might be time to change your friends. However, I make the decision for social media to be a positive in my life. I know how to be negative. I’ve spent a large part of my life acting negatively. Today I choose life and to the best of my ability, I choose to be positive.

I think sometimes when people are dealing with process addiction, like FB or other social media, they are often addicted to the negativity or the drama. If we find ourselves more inclined to only seek out the positives, is Social Media still that attractive?

I hope each of you who take the time to read this are blessed in your day. Visit our addiction treatment resources page and learn more about Compassionate Interventions.