people learning to unify with others - Compassionate InterventionsIt’s important to unify with others during your recovery. Sometimes, families hire Compassionate Interventions for case management only. Their loved one is going into treatment, or has gone into treatment, and they need help to develop a long-term plan so the client has a chance to experience long term recovery.

Unify With Others In Treatment

We also focus on the three legacies found in the traditions of AA below. We teach our clients how to unify with others (because addiction is so isolating), dive into their recovery like they did their disease (of addiction), and be of service to others (instead of selfish).

If you have questions about your recovery, or how to improve your life (even if it’s not addiction related), call us today. We also can do phone therapy as well. Furthermore, visit our addiction treatment resources page to learn more about Compassionate Interventions.

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“If we follow our Traditions, we will survive and, I hope, grow. The Traditions tell us to serve-not govern; to attract-not promote; carry the message-not force it on anyone; to keep the three legacies alive: recovery, unity, and service. These are our lifelines.”

Raleigh, N.C., January 2000
“Keeping Recovery Alive”
I Am Responsible: The Hand of AA